What to do if you are sleeping too hot this summer

It’s summertime and for many people, that means the weather outside is hot. When it gets really warm outside, something else that can happen is sleeping hot. If you’re one of the people who sleep very hot, don’t worry – you’re not alone! In this blog post, we will discuss some tips on what to do if you are sleeping too hot this summer. We will also provide a few helpful solutions to make sure you get the best sleep possible during these hot summer months. Check out our helpful tips and be sure to stay cool!

What to do if sleeping too hot

Dress in breathable clothes

The first step to taking care of yourself when sleeping hot is to dress in breathable clothing. This means that you should avoid wearing clothes made of synthetic materials such as polyester. Instead, opt for natural fabrics such as cotton or linen. These materials will help to wick away sweat and keep you cool while you sleep. This is one of our biggest tips for what to do if sleeping too hot, so be sure to consider this first!

Open the windows/doors

Another helpful tip on what to do if sleeping too hot is to open up the windows or doors in your bedroom. This will help to circulate the air and keep things cooler in the room. If it’s not possible to open the windows, a fan can also be used to cool down the room. When you are way too hot, air circulation is key. If you get the air circulating right, you will feel a big difference almost immediately and will likely be able to drift off to sleep.

Take a warm shower before bed

If you find that you are still sleeping hot after taking our first two tips into consideration, another thing you can try is taking a warm shower before bed. This will help to relax your body and prepare it for sleep. The warmth of the shower will also help to lower your core body temperature so that you can sleep more comfortably through the night. Just be sure not to make the water too hot – you don’t want to overheat yourself! This will be counterproductive on your quest to sleeping cooler.

Drink more water

Another tip that will help you when you are thinking about what to do if sleeping too hot is to drink more water! Staying hydrated is key to keeping your body cool. When you are properly hydrated, your sweat glands will work more efficiently and help to regulate your body temperature. Be sure to drink plenty of water during the day so that you can stay cool when the temperature rises at night. This may make you have to get up and go to the bathroom during the night, but it is worth it if you are able to actually stay cool and sleep.

Invest in a cooling mattress

Finally, if you are still having trouble sleeping hot, you may want to consider investing in a cooling mattress. This is a great solution for those who regularly sleep hot. A cooling mattress will help to regulate your body temperature and keep you cool all night long. This is an investment that will definitely pay off – you’ll be able to sleep cooler and get better rest during the hottest part of the year. For all your cooling mattress needs, be sure to come to visit any of our Mattress Warehouse locations! We have solutions that will improve your sleep and keep you cool all night long.

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