Mattress Warehouse Videos

BedGear M3 Assembly

Quick and easy assembly! Putting together the BedGear M3 mattress has never been easier. Enjoy this quick 30-second video of how easy assembly really is!

What Makes Mattress Warehouse Different

What makes Mattress Warehouse different? For our October Facebook Live stream, owner Karl Tobler talked about how our Sleep Fit system makes us different than other mattress stores. Come visit us today for the best selection of mattresses in Utah!

Who is Mattress Warehouse?

How is Mattress Warehouse? In this video, Mattress Warehouse owner Karl Tobler discusses why Mattress Warehouse is a leading local mattress store. Learn more about our company and why we are the preferred choice for mattresses in Utah.

Bedgear M3 Mattress

Introducing the new Bedgear M3 Mattress The all-new Bedgear M3 mattress takes performance and innovation to a new level. The M3 is the world’s only modular mattress featuring dual-side personalization. If you like a firm mattress, but your partner likes a soft mattress the Bedgear M3 is for you!