How your pillow quality is affecting your sleep

How well do you sleep at night? Do you toss and turn, or find that you can never seem to get comfortable? If this is the case, the quality of your pillow may be to blame. Believe it or not, the pillow you choose can have a big impact on how well you sleep.

If you did not already know this, it is important to spend enough money to get a good quality pillow. $5 pillows for the nearest chain store will not do; in fact these can cause more issues for you in the long run. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of pillow quality and how it affects your sleep.

How pillow quality is affecting sleep

Pillow thickness matters

One important factor to consider when pillow shopping is thickness. This is one of the ways that pillow quality affecting sleep will become noticeable. If you are a stomach sleeper, you will want a thinner pillow so that your head is not elevated too much and causing neck pain. Side sleepers need a pillow that is thick enough to support the neck and keep the spine in alignment. Back sleepers need something in between these two extremes. The pillow also needs to be soft enough to provide some give, but firm enough to maintain its shape. A pillow that is too thick or thin can result in neck pain or a sore back in the morning.

Keep an eye on what materials are in your pillows

In addition to pillow thickness, the materials inside the pillow are important to pay attention to as well. The most common pillow filling is polyester, but this is not necessarily the best option. Polyester does not breathe well and can cause you to sweat during the night. It can also flatten over time, which may make your pillow quality affecting sleep problems more prominent.

Other pillow fillings to consider are down, feathers, or memory foam. Down and feathers provide good support and are breathable. Memory foam conforms to the shape of your head and can provide good support, but some people find it too hot to sleep on. Whichever pillow filling you choose, make sure it is hypoallergenic to avoid any sleep issues due to allergies.

Choose a pillow that prioritizes your head, neck, and spine alignment

When you are thinking about pillow quality affecting sleep issues, your mind probably goes right to your head, neck, and spine. These are the areas of your body that pillow quality truly affects. A pillow that is too soft will not provide enough support for your head and neck, which can lead to pain in these areas. A pillow that is too firm will not be comfortable and can also cause pain in these areas. The best pillow is one that provides enough support to keep your head, neck, and spine in alignment. This will keep you comfortable and pain-free throughout the night.

If you want the perfect pillow for your head, neck, and spine, check out our glorious selection of pillows!

Be aware of when it is time to replace your pillow

If you have exhausted all your options and feel like your pillow quality is still affecting your sleep, you need to realize that your pillow is not going to last forever. Just like with anything else in your home, it will eventually need to be replaced. The lifespan of a pillow depends on the materials and how often it is used. A pillow made of synthetic materials may only last for a few years, while a pillow made of natural materials can last much longer. If you use your pillow every day, it will need to be replaced more often than if you only use it a few times a week.

The most important thing to remember is that pillow quality affects sleep. If you are not getting enough rest, look at your pillow and see if it is time for an upgrade. A good pillow can make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Shop with us at Mattress Warehouse to improve your sleep today!

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