Can mattress size affect the quality of your sleep?

As we discussed in our previous post, a person’s mattress is one of the most important possessions that they will ever own. Your mattress should be your sanctuary; a place for you to rest and recharge each night so that you can tackle every day with a good amount of energy. This is exactly why it is important for you to get the correct size and composition of mattress that will satisfy your unique sleep needs. Before reading this post, we highly suggest that you check out our last post about the different sizes of mattresses! The post will give you more insight into which mattress size you should go with, as well as some helpful shopping tips.

Our last post focused on the different mattress sizes that you can choose between and which are right for you depending on your situation. There are many constraints and potential obstacles that you must take into consideration while searching for the perfect size of mattress, including room size, sleep needs, mattress thickness, and more. If you are still not convinced about finding the perfect mattress size for your unique situation, we have more information for you. This whole discussion about mattress sizes begs several questions, including does mattress size affect sleep quality?

Mattress size and sleep quality

Does mattress size affect sleep quality?

The short answer to this question is yes, but it is more complicated than you may expect. No matter what age you are, it is likely that you have slept in a bed that is too small for you before. As a child, most people have a twin sized bed or have to share a bed with someone else. This can last for many years, even into adulthood for some due to room constraints and many other factors. Chances are that people with a bed that is too small for them do not get the best sleep and may complain about their sleep quality. This is understandable and makes getting the right size of mattress even more important so that your sleep quality is improved.

According to Jessica Alexander from the Sleep Council, having a bigger bed increases the chances of a good night’s sleep. Alexander suggests getting a bed that is about 6 inches longer than your height for maximum comfort and room to move. The bed should also have enough room for you and your partner to lie down side by side and not have your elbows touch.

The base is important too

In addition to the correct size of mattress, you should also focus on getting a high-quality base. There are many types of bases that you can go with for your bed, but some are better than others. You are better off to invest in a base of similar quality to your mattress so that you can optimize your sleep with the best products out there. It will do you no good if you have an amazing mattress and a base that just does not hold up.

If you are looking for an exceptional base that comes at an affordable price, we recommend an adjustable base. This base type is very firm and supportive. It can elevate your head and feet depending on which model you go with. By purchasing the correct mattress size and a good base to go along with it, you should be on your way to improved sleep quality in no time.

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