About Us

About Mattress Warehouse

Our Story

Karl Tobler is one of the dreamiest people on the planet because his goal is to give every person the best night’s sleep of their lives.

After working in the furniture industry for many years, Karl noticed that people struggled to match themselves to the right mattress, and the sales associates of the day didn’t know which types of questions to ask. Sweet dreams often proved elusive, and mattress sales ended as nightmares.

In 2004, Karl decided it was time to take a stand (or a lie down) by founding a business committed to actively helping people discover which mattress will finally enable them to sleep in heavenly peace.

Mattress Warehouse and Park City Mattress are literally the stuff that dreams are made of.

The Sleep Fit Experience

Too often, people walk into a mattress store, lay on a few beds while the sales associates stand quietly aside, and purchase a mattress that feels good at the moment but is entirely wrong once they get it home.No more.

When you visit a Mattress Warehouse, our Sleep Specialists are trained and ready to help. Our unique mattress-matching process, The Sleep Fit Experience, is the best way to discover precisely what you need to achieve the perfect night’s sleep you’ve been looking for.

We invite you to come into any of our locations and lay back on just three mattresses, and we will be able to direct you to the technology that best meets your physical needs and also fits your budget. 

Our customers tell us that our process has no comparison, and we know they aren’t simply flattering us because we have a 96% plus customer satisfaction success rate. We exchange less than 4% of our mattresses, a much lower number compared to other brick-and-mortar retailers who average 15% to 20%, and significantly lower than the online mattress return rate of 40% or more. 

We’re so confident about The Sleep Fit Experience that if you don’t truly love your new mattress after 180 nights, we’ll exchange it; no questions, no small-print exceptions. 

Come in today and experience the mattress warehouse way today. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to carry the highest quality, durable, name-brand, American-manufactured mattresses on the market. We will keep up-to-date on the latest technology in mattress manufacturing to offer the most varied options for every customer’s specific sleep needs. Every team member will receive ongoing training to ensure that anyone who walks into our doors will interact with a professional who understands the unique aspects of each of our products, intelligently evaluates each customer’s needs, and is committed to providing quality sleep for better health.