What mattress size is best for you?

One of the most important things that anyone who is searching for a new mattress, or sleep products in general, must understand is that everyone’s sleep needs are different. Everyone has different sleep positions that they prefer to sleep in, different firmness options they like, and different sleep products they use. It is very hard to find two people with the exact same sleep preferences, so that it is why it is important to consider all of your preferences and the many different sleep product options that are available.

Another factor that must be considered when shopping for a new mattress is the best mattress size for you. You must think about how often you are in bed, how you sleep, if anyone else sleeps with you, and if your room has enough space for each different size of mattress. Here are some tips that we have gathered that will help you decide the best mattress size for your situation!

Mattress sizes

There are many different mattress sizes out there that are made for many different people of different sizes. Common sizes include twin (38.5”x74.5”), full (53.5”x74.5”), queen (59.5”x74.5”), and king (75.5”x79.5”). Twin mattresses are perfect for those who sleep alone and do not need a large bed. They can be an option for a couple on a budget, but they become a bit cramped with more than one person in them. Full mattresses are slightly larger than twin mattresses but a little smaller than queen mattresses. A full mattress can fit two people comfortably, albeit with less room than a queen.

Queen mattresses are one of the most common mattress types for good reason. They provide optimal room for people who sleep with someone else but also need their own section of the bed. Most regular sized bedrooms can fit a queen mattress, but it is important to take room size into consideration. King mattresses are for those that want a truly luxurious experience. They measure in at a whopping 75.5”x79.5”, big enough for each person to have plenty of movement space. A king sized mattress may be slightly harder to fit in your bedroom, so it is best to consider measuring it before shopping for one.

Best mattress size tips

Choose something that fits in your room

Before you even start your new mattress buying journey, we recommend that you take measurements of your room. You should take these measurements so that you are aware which sizes of mattresses you can actually fit in your doorway and room itself. While doing these measurements, take into consideration that you will also likely have a bedframe or adjustable base that will add a few more inches to the length and width of the bed set-up. We can assure you that you do not want to go through the hassle of taking a too big mattress out of your room, loading it up, and bringing it back to us for an exchange or entirely new mattress choice.

Choose something that everyone will be comfortable in

Regardless of what stage of your life you are in, you will likely have someone else sleep with you during the lifespan of your new mattress. Whether the other inhabitants of your bed are significant others, children, or pets, it is important to make sure that they are all comfortable. The last thing you want is for your bed to be too small for everyone to lay in. We recommend going with something larger like a queen or king, but the choice is all yours!

Make sure the mattress is thick enough

As you are aware of, mattress length and width are not the only considerations you must make while shopping. You should also consider if your potential new mattress is thick enough for your needs. If you are used to a thick 12” mattress and end up purchasing an 8” or 10”, you may not have a great experience. We recommend testing out different thicknesses of mattress in-store before deciding on one to take home. If you purchase your new mattress online without taking thickness into consideration and testing it for yourself, you will likely have a bad time with your new mattress.

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