The best mattress accessories you should own

As you likely know very well by now, shopping for a new mattress can be a long and stressful process. You have to consider multiple factors and make sure that the mattress you get will be good for you in the long run. A mattress is an investment for yourself because it is something that you will use every day of your life. But even after you purchase the perfect mattress, there are a few more things you should do before you begin to use it.

Upon choosing your perfect mattress, it is incredibly important that you get the best mattress accessories to go along with it. If you have a state-of-the-art mattress but worn-down pillows, ripped sheets, and dirty blankets on it, your enjoyment will probably go down. At Mattress Warehouse, we carry much more than just mattresses. We have all the right accessories that will help you get even more out of your wonderful new bed. Here are some of our best mattress accessories that we think you should take home today to go with your new mattress!

The best mattress accessories

Bedgear pillows

If you have never tried a Bedgear pillow before, it is an absolute must. These pillows are not just an ordinary product, they are designed to fit your body type and sleep position. This feature allows you the support you need to fully rest every night. We carry various Bedgear pillows including the Level 0 Performance Pillow, Level 2 Performance Pillow, and Storm Series Pillow. Although these names may confuse you, there is no need to worry. Each of these pillows is specifically crafted for different types of sleep positions and will help you sleep great. They feature air panels that keep you cool during the night, as well as wicking technology in the fabric. Sleeping hot will be a thing of the past with these exceptional pillows!

Mattress protectors

We recently published an entire blog post about how you can protect your new mattress for years. The post contained helpful tips, and one of them was to get a mattress protector. At Mattress Warehouse, we carry a great selection of mattress protectors and box spring protectors. These protectors provide the security you need to keep your mattress clean for many years to come. Mattress protectors should be considered an essential product, especially for a mattress that is fresh out of the store. These encasements protect your investment from stains, pests, dust, pet hair, and much more. Check out a few of our favorite mattress protectors at these links.

Performance sheets

Once you get your mattress set up with the mattress protector put on, it is time to equip your brand-new performance sheets! Fortunately, we have plenty of amazing options for you. Our Bedgear sheets give you the comfort of cotton as well as wicking technology to remove moisture during the night. These sheets are perfect for anyone who sleeps hot as it will give you great relief. Options include soft basic sheets, hyper cotton sheets, and Dri-Tec performance sheets.

In addition to the Bedgear offerings, we also carry many Malouf sheets that you can choose from. There are cotton, Egyptian cotton, and microfiber sheets available in a multitude of different colors. No matter which kind of sheets you prefer, we have something that will work for you!


Your new mattress cannot be complete without a super comfortable microfiber comforter. We carry these comforters in various sizes, and they are sure to please anyone who uses them. Spoil yourself today and enjoy the wonder of a brand-new comforter. You will surely enjoy the feeling of a clean blanket on your new mattress that is equipped with outstanding sheets and pillows.

Mattress toppers

Need a little bit of extra cushion on that new mattress? We have you covered with our mattress topper offerings. Options include 2 inches of memory foam, 2.5 inches of gel memory foam, and more. These mattress topper options are designed to help give you a bit more comfort if your mattress is not quite up to your standard. Not everyone needs a mattress topper, but they tend to help those who need just a bit more comfort.

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