Stomach-sleeper mattress needs: What you need to know

No matter who you are, you probably have a preferred sleep position. Some people can sleep in multiple different positions and feel fine in the morning, but it is likely that they prefer one position over the other(s). It is only natural to choose the position that feels the best to us. If you did not know this already, your sleep position can influence the quality of rest you get. It is not the only factor, but it is a big one. Another big factor that influences your rest is the type of mattress that you purchase.

Whether you know your preferred sleep position or not, there is a mattress out there that can help optimize your rest. Many kinds of mattresses are created for people of all sleep positions, and Mattress Warehouse is full of experts that know what the best mattresses for each different sleep position are. Our previous blog posts in this series focused on back sleepers and side sleepers, but this post is going to be focusing on stomach-sleeper mattress needs. Here are some common stomach sleeper problems and what they need in a mattress to combat these problems.

Common stomach-sleeper problems

As far as different sleep positions go, stomach sleeping is not very common. This position has only about 16% of adults that utilize it, but luckily different mattresses are made for those people. Most stomach sleepers usually lay on their stomach with their head turned to either the right or the left. Some put a pillow under their stomach to relieve some of the pressure that this position puts on the natural curve of their body. No matter what someone does to make this position feel better to sleep in, it can be troublesome for your body and sleep quality.

One of the reasons that stomach sleeping is so uncommon is because of the strain that it can put on multiple parts of your body. In fact, some doctors even go as far to say that stomach sleeping is bad for your health. That is because stomach sleeping can cause a lot of strain on your back, neck, and nerves due to excess weight in the body’s core. Because most stomach sleepers sleep with their head to the left or right, neck pain is a very common occurrence. For back and side sleepers, your neck is positioned in a more natural position for your 8 hours of sleep, so neck pain is lessened a bit. We recommend purchasing a high-quality pillow that will support your neck so that your neck pain will be lowered.

What stomach sleepers need in a mattress


As we discussed above, back and neck pain are common ailments that stomach sleepers can receive. A likely cause of these ailments is because of their mattress being too soft. The recommended firmness for a stomach-sleeper’s mattress is medium or firm rather than soft. The choice between medium or firm depends on preference but also on your height and weight, as each firmness can have different effects for a stomach-sleeper. The extra support that you will get from a medium or firm mattress can make a world’s difference for your spine, back, and nerve health. It can be more difficult for stomach sleepers to find the perfect mattress for their sleep position needs, but Mattress Warehouse is happy to help you in any possible way.


It is true that stomach-sleepers require special mattresses with extra support for their spine and neck. With that in mind, we recommend that you take a look at high-quality memory foam mattresses. These mattresses will support your pelvis while also supporting your head and neck. Other mattresses, such as those made with springs, may leave you feeling very stiff and sore if they are too firm. But if you prefer a spring mattress, you can always purchase a thin mattress topper that will allow you that extra bit of support that your body needs to be healthy while you sleep on your stomach.

Stomach sleepers also hold a lot of heat under their bodies, so it is important to consider if you want a mattress that cools down quickly. If this is something you are looking for, we recommend a mattress from our Tempur-Pedic collection. These exceptional mattresses have varying technology that will keep you cool all night long, no matter which position you sleep in.

Find your stomach-sleeper mattress today

Does the prospect of finding the perfect fit for your stomach-sleeper mattress needs intimidate you? Fear not, because Mattress Warehouse is ready to help you out! Our team of mattress experts will gladly support your mattress buying journey by finding the best possible bed for your needs. Come visit us today and get your stomach-sleeper mattress.

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