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  • King Koil Smart Life Lotus Plush Mattress

    $5,199.00$7,599.00 Gross

    Relaxation Mode

    When it’s time for you to wake up and make the most of your day let SmartLife’s Relaxation Mode gently ease you out of bed with a gentle wave motion.

    Body Sensing Technology

    SmartLife features patented body-sensing technology that adjusts to your body while you sleep, giving you support and comfort where you need it. This technology continuously monitors the individual’s sleep position and automatically adjusts to ensure proper sleep posture and pressure relief. Smartlife’s Smart Cell Technology includes over 80 individual Smart Cells in eight independently controlled zones using thousands of algorithms to give your unique body the support and comfort it needs.

    Firmer or Softer?

    You can adjust the comfort on both sides of the mattress with a simple tap on your smart device or remote.

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