Intellibed Twilight mattress: what makes it special?

At any given moment, there are nearly 200 different mattress brands that you can consider when purchasing a new mattress. This number may scare you and cause you more stress than you would like to have. How are you supposed to know what brands are worth checking out and purchasing from? That is where Mattress Warehouse comes in to help you.

At Mattress Warehouse, we only sell products from mattress brands that we personally vouch for due to their high-quality and value to our customers. One brand in particular that we highly recommend and enjoy is Intellibed. Without further ado, here are the reasons why Intellibed mattresses are different from other brands and what makes them, mainly the Intellibed Twilight mattress for today’s blog post, special.

What is Intellibed?

Intellibed is a well-known mattress brand that does not do the same things their competitors do. Intellibed specializes in gel technology that gives your body advanced comfort and pressure relief. This technology is called the Gel Matrix and it is known for keeping the mattress 100% firm and 100% soft at the same time. These mattresses are notable because of the quality of sleep they provide. First time users of an Intellibed mattress often say the experience is like none other that they have had. Intellibed mattresses also use other materials including INTELLIfoam, specially designed coils, and an innovative cover for maximum comfort and rejuvenation.

Why choose Intellibed?

If you are tired of the same old memory foam mattresses and want something different, Intellibed will be perfect for you. The Gel Matrix technology they use was fully developed and perfected by them and is popular for a reason. It helps to evenly distribute your body weight while cushioning your neck and spine. Comfort like that is hard to find, especially when you consider the complexity of Intellibed’s materials.

The Intellibed mattresses that we carry do not rely on memory foam like many others do, they offer a unique and rewarding sleep experience with advanced materials. If you want to experience this gel technology, Intellibed is the way to go. You may see competing mattresses with gel technology, but none of them compare to the original Gel Matrix technology found inside Intellibed mattresses.

What makes the Intellibed Twilight mattress special?

The Intellibed Twilight mattress was the first member of Intellibed’s luxury collection. It set the precedent for the even more innovative mattresses that are currently available. The Twilight mattress features the signature Gel Matrix layer, which is non-toxic and hypoallergenic, as well as other layers for extra comfort and relaxation. This classic mattress is a crowd pleasure because of its versatility and value. It is a good fit for sleepers of any preference, especially because of the individually wrapped coils that provide even more pressure relief.

In fact, the pressure relief provided by the Intellibed Twilight mattress is up to 80% better than competing mattresses. The unique combination of materials present in this mattress noticeably reduce tossing and turning for a smoother and more relaxing night of rest.

What Intellibed mattresses does Mattress Warehouse offer?

To put it simply, the Intellibed mattresses that Mattress Warehouse offers are top-of-the-line quality and will change the way you experience your nightly sleep. We currently carry three models of Intellibed mattresses: Twilight, Nightfall, and Midnight. Each of these mattresses has distinct differences which will be highlighted in our next few blog posts in this series. Come visit us at one of our locations across Utah to try out an Intellibed mattress for yourself before you purchase. You will not regret it!

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