Intellibed Nightfall mattress: should you buy it?

In most instances, mattresses are not a cheap purchasing decision. At least they should not be anyway. If you want a quality mattress that will last you for more than 10 years, it is best to shop with a bigger, but still affordable, budget. This will ensure that you get something that will both satisfy your budget and your sleeping needs.

There are many companies that make premium mattresses including Tempur-Pedic, Serta, Sealy, Therapudic, Intellibed, and many more. For this post, we will be focusing on another revolutionary product from Intellibed. We discussed the Intellibed Twilight mattress in our previous blog post, and today we will be focusing on the Intellibed Nightfall mattress. Here is an idea of the quality of this mattress and if you should consider purchasing it!

Features of the Intellibed Nightfall mattress

As with the other mattresses in Intellibed’s Luxury Collection, the Nightfall contains their patented Gel Matrix technology for enhanced support. In addition to the incredibly comfortable and supportive Gel Matrix, the Nightfall comes with high-density copper-infused latex foam layers. These latex foam layers add extra support, while assisting in keeping the mattress both firm and soft at the same time. The foam stays naturally cool and does not harbor bacteria growth, making for a clean and cool experience. You will not believe that it is possible for a mattress to be firm and soft at the same time until you try it out for yourself, so come visit us in-store.

Intelllibed mattresses are known for their unique mix of materials that add additional comfort. Coil zones come standard in the Nightfall, contributing to unparalleled motion control. These coil zones will provide you with less partner disturbance, making for a smooth night’s sleep for everyone. Additionally, hot sleeping will become a thing of the past as this mattress breathes well and is naturally cool. It also comes with phase-changing cooling technology to keep you comfortable nightly. The Nightfall mattress has been reported as helping with back pain for those that sleep on their back. If you are a side sleeper, we recommend coming in and trying this mattress out for yourself as you may put a lot of pressure on your hips and shoulders.

As part of Intellibed’s Luxury Collection, the Nightfall is decorated with an elegant design and pattern. This design remains comfortable, cool, and breathable while also looking amazing in your home.

Is the Intellibed Nightfall mattress worth your purchase?

Although the Intellibed Nightfall mattress is on the pricier side, the comfort and support it offers is hard to replicate. Intellibed’s official website has many reviews from happy customers that will show you if this is a good purchase or not. Most people that try the mattress find comfort immediately due to the pocket coils, Gel Matrix, and foam mixture. This is a unique combination that works for most people except the rare few. Intellibed mattresses can work for anyone out there, but especially those who want to try newer technology as opposed to the classic memory foam options that run rampant.

If you do purchase the Intellibed Nightfall mattress, you can rest assured that you have an extended 20-year warranty as well as a 90-night trial. By purchasing through Mattress Warehouse, you get the same 20-year warranty as well as our 6-month comfort exchange guarantee. Visit us at any of our locations to test the wonderful Intellibed Nightfall mattress out for yourself before you purchase! We are happy to help you in any way we can.

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