Intellibed Midnight mattress: is it a good option?

While you search for a mattress, it can feel like you are on a confusing new planet. Advanced terms including comfort options, materials used in production, and mattress technologies may seem like a foreign language to you. This confusion and overload of information can add to the stress of choosing the perfect mattress that will fit your needs. We are happy to be here to help you on this journey so you can get the biggest bang for your buck and make it not feel like you are on a confusing planet.

Choosing your mattress is the hardest part of the mattress purchasing process, especially when you have narrowed it down to only a few options that you really like. At Mattress Warehouse, we strive to provide our customers with the most accurate and detailed information about our products. As part of our Intellibed series, we will be discussing the Intellibed Midnight mattress and if it is a good option!

Features of the Intellibed Midnight mattress

The Intellibed Midnight mattress is the final piece in Intellibed’s Luxury Collection. Intellibed wanted to go out with a bang and did so by adding many more premium materials to the Midnight mattress. As with the other mattresses in the line, the Midnight comes with Intellibed’s patented Gel Matrix technology. One key difference between the Intellibed Midnight mattress and its siblings (the Twilight and Nightfall) is the inclusion of an extra layer of Gel Matrix technology. This extra layer provides even more dynamic responsiveness to fit your body’s natural curves throughout the night. It is even firmer and even softer than any other Intellibed model!

While the extra Gel Matrix technology layer is a huge benefit, the Intellibed Midnight mattress also has other standout features. Fabric with cooling technology keeps you at the perfect temperature during the night, while advanced motion control keeps you in place. The three support zones keep every inch of your body perfectly supported as you get your rest in. Latex material is also included for superior comfort and extreme support. This material is naturally cooler than others including memory foam, so you will stay even cooler at night. If you are looking for a premium comfort feel, this is definitely the model for you.

Is this mattress a good option?

The Intellibed Midnight mattress is an amazing option for any prospective mattress owner! It is on the pricier side as it is the premier model in Intellibed’s Luxury Collection, but happy customers say great things about its value. If customer reviews do not convince you, here is some additional information from Intellibed itself. In general, most customers enjoy this bed due to the fact that it is both soft and firm at the same time. It also has hypoallergenic properties and will not irritate allergies. You can also rest assured that by purchasing this mattress through us because you will get our 6-month comfort exchange guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you can exchange for another mattress.

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