Home remedies for insomnia: how to get back to sleep

It’s a common problem: you’re tossing and turning in bed, trying to fall asleep but you just can’t. You become frustrated and start to have negative thoughts about being tired the next day or not being able to get work done on time. This cycle continues every night and it really starts to take a toll on you after a while.

If this sounds like you, you may be suffering from insomnia. This sleep problem affects millions of people so you are not alone. Luckily, there are many home remedies for insomnia that may be the answer! In this blog post we’ll discuss some of the most popular home remedies for combating sleepless nights that are very likely to help you sleep better tonight.

Home remedies for insomnia


Meditation is a home remedy for insomnia that has become very popular in recent years. When we’re having trouble sleeping, it’s usually because our mind is racing with thoughts and worries about the past, present or future. Meditation helps you focus on being present by slowing down your breathing and clearing your mind of any negative thoughts.

By practicing mindfulness exercises, you are allowing your body a break in which you concentrate on your thoughts, feelings, and sensations. This exercise can reduce stress, improve concentration, and allow you to relax easier. Mindfulness is a great method for anyone that has trouble sleeping to try as it is not hard to do.


Another home remedy for insomnia that has gained a lot of traction in recent years is yoga. Studies show that practicing just 20 minutes of yoga per day can improve your sleep quality as well as reduce stress levels, anxiety and depression (which are all common causes for sleepless nights). Yoga is great because it helps you relax but also strengthens and stretches your muscles to combat tension which can lead to pain, discomfort and interrupted sleep.

When practicing yoga before bedtime, it’s important that you don’t overdo it because the last thing you want is sore or fatigued muscles keeping you from falling asleep at night (which means this home remedy for insomnia may not be best for chronic sufferers).

Additionally, yoga can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Yoga poses that are great for bedtime include child’s pose, cat/cow stretches, happy baby pose, bridge pose or legs up the wall. You should practice these before going to sleep at night but make sure not to overdo it!

Constant exercise

Being very physically active is another one of our best home remedies for insomnia that can help you get better sleep. Working out regularly, particularly doing lots of cardio, will improve your heart health and release endorphins which make us feel good (and happy). Not only does exercise induce a feeling of well-being but it’s also great at reducing stress levels – something that many people don’t realize is a major cause of sleepless nights.

If you’re working out every day or exercising intensely for more than an hour, make sure that you finish your workout at least three hours before going to bed because it can actually have the opposite effect and keep you up all night long due to post-workout fatigue (or the “second wind”).

Lavender oil

If home remedies for insomnia are what you’re looking for, then lavender oil is a great place to start. The soothing scent of this plant relaxes the mind and body which will help release tension in your muscles as well as reduce anxiety (which also keeps us from sleeping).

You can put some onto your pillow before going to bed and also have a lavender scented candle or spray in your home to keep the relaxing scent of this plant throughout the night. Lavender supplements or tea are also great options if you prefer the taste of the plant as well.

Melatonin supplements

Melatonin is a supplement that has been proven to help people fall asleep faster and stay sleeping longer. The hormone is naturally produced by our body, but as we get older the amount of melatonin in our bodies decreases which can cause us to wake up more often during the night (and reduces how long we sleep).

Supplemental forms help improve sleep quality by increasing the amount of melatonin in our bodies which makes it easier to fall asleep and stay sleeping through the night. Melatonin is great for people that have trouble falling or staying asleep, but you should be careful about taking more than what your doctor recommends because too much can cause other sleep-related side effects such as fatigue (which will make it even harder to fall asleep).

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