Big mistakes to avoid while buying a new mattress

As you may know, mattress purchasing can be a huge hassle that causes way too much stress. The sheer thought of choosing something that you will sleep on for the next 10+ years can be too much for some people to make a good decision. The pressure of this important decision leads many people to select the wrong mattress and becoming very unhappy. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid these common and often costly mistakes. Many factors go into buying the perfect mattress for your needs, which you can read more about in our most recent post. With this searching process comes a lot of potential mistakes that you will want to avoid. Here are some big mistakes to avoid while buying a new mattress.

Big mistakes to avoid while buying a new mattress

Considering too few/too many options

If you are in-store looking for your new mattress, don’t plop down on the first one you see and expect it to be the perfect purchase. It will take a bit of searching to find the correct fit for you and your sleep needs. However, if you test out every single mattress you may become overwhelmed with the sheer amount of choices. A good practice would be to try out one of each firmness and decide which you like. If you are not sure after that, consider talking to the store associates as they will be happy to help you find the best product for you. This way you will not become overwhelmed with too many choices or by trying too few choices.

Buying based off another person’s experience/opinion

We all have that one friend who will swear by their mattress until the world ends. They will say it is the best mattress ever and they love it so much, but that does not mean it is perfect for you. Try it out for an extended period before purchasing for yourself. It is a bad idea to simply purchase based off a recommendation because your friend’s sleep needs could be much different than yours. This is setting yourself up to be dissatisfied at the slightest inconvenience with your mattress.

Making an impulsive purchase

Impulsivity, in most cases, is not a good thing for big financial decisions such as purchasing a mattress. Unless your old mattress is destroyed, there is no need to purchase the same day that you try various mattresses out. It is best to consider your options and sleep on it for a few days. The mattress will be there when you get back, but even if it isn’t you can go with your second or third option. Impulsive purchasing decisions can often lead to dissatisfaction and regret. You never know when your mind will change over the slightest thing, and you will be happy that you held off on your purchase.

Buying based on brand name

You’ve probably seen advertisements for the big-name brands that dominate the mattress industry quite frequently. They are all over television, the radio, social media, and billboards. These tactics may convince you that they are the best for you even before you actually lay on them. When you are in store shopping, try these mattresses out and give them a fair chance as you would any other. Ultimately, your mattress purchasing decision should come down to what is best for your sleep so that you can get the best rest possible every night. It does not matter if you purchase from a huge company or a startup as long as you enjoy what you sleep on.

Choosing a mattress that is not the right size

Before you even decide that you want to purchase a new mattress, make sure you know the size that you need. Consider your sleeping needs for the next 10 years because most mattresses that you purchase will have an extended warranty. If you think you will need a larger mattress at any point during that time, you may want to go with one during your purchase. Also, many people toss and turn during their sleep. Give yourself enough room to do this and adjust during the night. If you sleep with a partner, make sure you have enough room for both people. Not having enough space is one of the top complaints of new mattress owners and this can be alleviated by thinking about your needs before you buy.

Buying the cheapest option available

While shopping for many things, but especially mattresses, buying the cheapest available option does not mean that it is good quality or even worth buying in the first place. When beginning the mattress buying process, you should set your budget before you begin researching. You don’t want to go into debt from buying a mattress, but you should get one that is comfortable for you and will last a long time. The rule of thumb is do not sacrifice quality to save a few bucks. A mattress is a good investment because a quality one lasts for a long time, so don’t go too cheap on yours.

Let Mattress Warehouse help you

At Mattress Warehouse, we are aware of these big mistakes to avoid while buying a new mattress. We will help you pick your perfect mattress to the best of our abilities. Come visit us at one of our many Utah locations and contact us for any questions you may have!

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