Best Intellibed mattress for each type of sleeper

For the last few months, we have been focusing on our incredible Intellibed mattress collection. Our collection contains three different Intellibed mattresses: the Twilight, Nightfall, and Midnight. Each of these mattresses has pros and cons of their own, which we thoroughly discussed in the above linked blog posts. Now that you know more about each of these mattresses, there is only one thing left to decide: which one are you going to purchase?

Before you purchase a new Intellibed mattress, there are some things that you must consider including your nightly sleep position(s). Everyone knows that there are three different sleeping positions: back, stomach, and side. You can be an exclusive sleeper for each one or you can possibly switch between them throughout the night. No matter what position(s) you sleep in, there are different mattresses that are designed specifically for your preferred position. Each Intellibed mattress that we carry is perfect for different sleep positions, so continue reading to learn which you should purchase depending on your sleep position!

Best Intellibed mattress for back sleepers

Generally, back sleepers do not have that hard of a time finding a mattress that works for their sleeping position. If you are still looking for a mattress, Intellibed has you covered. Back sleepers will love the Intellibed Twilight mattress due to its composition of exceptional materials. The Twilight mattress is perfect for back sleepers because of Intellibed’s Gel Matrix layer and the additional memory foam layers that are present. Individually wrapped coils are also included in this mattress, which provide unmatched pressure relief. This mattress is very versatile and is pretty much guaranteed to help you have some great sleep.

Best Intellibed mattress for side sleepers

If you are looking for the best Intellibed mattress for a side sleeper, look no further than the Nightfall. The unique combination of materials is what makes the Nightfall the best mattress for the demanding sleep position of side sleeping. As with the other Intellibed mattresses detailed in this post, the Intellibed Twilight mattress features the company’s patented Gel Matrix technology. This technology allows each mattress to be both 100% firm and 100% soft at the same time.

Where the Intellibed Nightfall is different from our other models is with its inclusion of pressure-relieving coil zones. These coil zones stabilize the bed for less partner disturbance and more support for each person. While sleeping on your side, you put a lot of pressure on your hips and shoulders. The Nightfall, with its combination of coils and gel technology, helps you relieve that pressure for the perfect side sleep. Come in and check it out today!

Best Intellibed mattress for stomach sleepers

Due to the way your body must stretch to sleep comfortably on your stomach, it can be hard to find the correct mattress for this sleeping position. Luckily, Intellibed has a solution for you: the Midnight mattress. The Midnight mattress is yet another exceptional product in our Intellibed collection because of the different materials it contains. Unlike the other two models, the Midnight is made with an extra layer of Intellibed’s phenomenal Gel Matrix technology. This additional layer cradles your body and leaves you without pain when you wake up from sleeping on your stomach. Make the right choice for your sleep, purchase the Intellibed Midnight mattress from Mattress Warehouse today!

Are you ready to purchase?

Regardless of what position you prefer to sleep in, Mattress Warehouse has an Intellibed mattress for you! It is time to come visit us and pick out your new perfect night’s sleep. We have the Intellibed Twilight, Midnight, and Nightfall mattresses ready for you to lay on and test out before you purchase. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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