Adjustable base benefits: how they will help you

For most of their lives, many people have slept on a basic flat bed with no elevation. A common bed setup consists of a basic base and a mattress, and sometimes not even a base. These types of beds can give you plenty of good sleep if you are used to them, but they still do not work for certain people. This can be for a variety of reasons, including lack of elevation, lack of circulation, back or neck pains, and many more. Typical flat beds can also cause issues such as snoring, increased pain, and constant waking up during the night due to their flat nature. 

If you are tired of sleeping on a flat bed and getting bad rest that could be better, we have a solution for you. Our solution is to get an adjustable base from Mattress Warehouse and take advantage of its amazing benefits. You will learn in no time about the adjustable base benefits that will help you out tremendously! 

Adjustable base benefits 

Enhanced relaxation 

One of the top adjustable base benefits out there is the enhanced relaxation that is made possible by the base. When you have an adjustable base, you can simply put it into whatever position you would like to relax in and then hop in your bed. Depending on which base you get, you can elevate your head or feet, and sometimes both at the same time. This will allow you to destress after a long day at work or with your family. Some adjustable bases even have massage features built in that can take care of your aches and pains 

Aside from massaging you, your adjustable base can also allow you to relax in bed and unwind with a TV show. By elevating your bed and changing it into a different position, you can get your body on the right path to a good night’s sleep before you even think of going to bed for the night.  

Lessens snoring 

Even if you do not know it for sure, it is very likely that either you or your partner, if not both of you, suffer from snoring at night. Snoring is extremely common and is one of the causes of bad sleep, throat pain, and many more ailments. With an adjustable base, snoring can become a thing of the past! An adjustable base helps with snoring because your head can be elevated to any degree that you please. Snoring is caused by sleeping too flat and not giving yourself enough lift to breath properly as you sleep. Once you start taking advantage of this adjustable base benefit, it will be hard for you to go back to the way you used to sleep.   

Back pain alleviation 

If you suffer from back pain, you know that it can ruin your day the moment you feel it. You are not alone in suffering from this pain, as at least 31 million Americans suffer from back pain daily. One of the top adjustable base benefits is the fact that it can lessen your back pain by a lot. By angling your head and feet upwards as you sleep, pressure will be taken off your back. This will allow you to decompress and fully relax, taking the strain off your entire back and helping you sleep a lot better each night. If there is any benefit of an adjustable base that you should consider getting one for, it is this one.     

Improved blood circulation 

As we age, many people tend to feel the effects of bad blood circulation. This can cause your feet and legs to swell up and become extremely uncomfortable and painful. By elevating your feet as you sleep, your circulation will improve and allow the swelling to go down and not bother you as much. An adjustable base often helps people that suffer from diabetes to get some relief from their symptoms. No matter what time of day you use your adjustable base, you can relax in comfort and know that its many benefits will make your sleep and relaxation time that much better. 

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